BA in Art
Art History

The BA Program in Art: Art History Option is a 42-credit curriculum that provides students with a solid foundation in studio art and art history. Art Majors who choose to focus on Art History take introductory survey courses that are multicultural in focus and advanced courses that explore particular culture traditions in detail. Courses are typically seminars and lectures; most have a significant writing component, and utilize the art resources of New York City as often as possible. After taking the foundational art history course, Art 10000 (which is also part of the Core), students choose from 200-level electives or special topics courses to fulfill their requirements.


Department Core

These courses must be taken as prerequisites before taking additional Art courses:

Total Core Credits: 9


Art Courses

Required Courses:

Choose two courses from Group I, four courses from Group II, and two courses from I or II (24 credits):

Choose one 2D Course:

Choose one 3D Course:

Choose two additional Studio Courses

Total Art Credits: 36