BA in Art
Photography Option

Photography students take courses that provide foundational materials and methods for lens-based art practices; these students choose from mid and upper level courses that provide advanced study in various aspects of photography as an art form. This includes advanced techniques, professional practices, and theory. Special topic and elective courses are offered that engage with the expanded field of photography in New York City and provide portfolio-building opportunities. Students electing the Photography Concentration also take foundation Studio Art and Art History courses. Students choose 9 credits of coursework from a range of elective courses, 9 credits from among the 30000-level Photography courses*, plus the 3 credit Photography Portfolio capstone course. Depending on the courses selected, a student may also need to complete foundational coursework that is the prerequisite for some of the 3/30000-level Photography courses. See the Advising/Grad Check Sheet for more detail.


Department Core

These courses must be taken as prerequisites before taking additional Art courses:

Total Core Credits: 9


Art History Course Requirements(12 credits):

Choose one 2D Course:

Choose one 3D Course:

  • Choose three Studio Art or Photography electives (9 credits)

  • Choose three photography electives at the 30000-level, with prerequisites (9 credits)

  • Take ART 34000 Photo Portfolio and Projects (3 credits)

Total Art Credits: 42