MA Art History

The MA degree with concentration in Art History requires 30 credits of coursework including the following:

Art Museum Studies Concentration

The MA degree with concentration in Art Museum Studies requires 36 credits of coursework including the following:

  • A1000: Research Methods of Art History taken during the first fall semester (3 credits)
  • B7000: Museology — an introduction to museum history and current issues (3 credits)
  • B7100, B7200: Museum Apprenticeship I & II — two semester-long museum internships (6 credits)
  • B7400: Museum Exhibition Analysis (3 credits)
  • two qualifying papers (QPs) or the option of an MA thesis for students following a curatorial path (for more on QPs and theses see Qualifiying Paper Guidelines)

Art Museum Education Concentration

The MA degree with a concentration in Art Museum Education is designed to meet the needs of professionals and students interested in creating and understanding art museum education today.

Requirements for the Art Museum Education Concentration can be found here

Language requirement: All MA students must pass a language requirement before graduating. The Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures administers a translation exam in the Fall and Spring semesters. Any students who know they cannot pass such an exam should take a level 1 class in the CUNY Graduate Center’s Language Reading Program and pass with a B or better. Students should choose a language that will be useful to them in their research.

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