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Alfredo Jaar


Jill Magid

Jill Magid


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DIAP Program exhibition Fall 2014


DIAP show Fall 2014 Press release

Hyperplace Harlem 10/02/2014 – 10/10/2014

Hyperplace Harlem a festival organized by former DIAP artists in Residence LoVid in collaboration with DIAP and many other local organizations.
At the DIAP studio:
Saturday 4 October 11am-1pm
[ Traversing interactions between people, spaces & artistic practice ]
a discussion taking place at DIAP: City College
Shepard Hall [West 139 St & Convent Ave]
Room 408 [4th floor]

This panel aims to explore and discuss how place provides a particular influence and structure to one’s creative subjectivity and output. How, over time, an individual — and groups of individuals — transform physical locations into spaces where communities grow, movements occur and art is produced. Through the lens of present-day Harlem, this conversation will more specifically attempt to understand how the aforementioned relationships function and transform within contested spaces, or spaces that are seeing rapid demographic changes.

Historically, artistic movements are categorized and understood as location specific. Is this an arbitrary distinction? Is it actually solely the communities within the space that generate aesthetic production or is it possible that the physical space itself contributes to this? If so, how do complex people and complex places work tangled together? What realities does one bring to the other? Is it always productive? Can they ever be untangled?

Savona Bailey-McClain (
Judith Escalona (
Michael Palma (
Annie Seaton (
Julien Terrell (

Organized by Alexia Welch

Exhibition: Unimaginable Terrain
an exhibition in the new DIAP gallery and the surrounding neighborhood with works by Élan Jurado, João Enxuto & Erica Love, Leila Nadir + Cary Peppermint (EcoArtTech), LoVid, Stephanie Rothenberg and former DIAP students Kara J. Schmidt and William Tucci.