Digital and Interdisciplinary Art Practice [DIAP] MFA Admissions

Use the City College Graduate Admissions System to submit your portfolio [See the Application Guidelines and Portfolio Requirements] and complete the application to CCNY and DIAP.

Application Deadline
Application for admission must be made online by April 1st prior to the fall term in which the applicant intends to enter the degree program.

Applicants will receive a decision in mid-April. Those accepted to the program must notify the Art Department in writing by May 1st of their intention to attend the program. Matriculation fees to The City College must be paid by June 1st. Studio space is not guaranteed and your acceptance is not confirmed unless these deadlines are met.

Applicant Qualifications
Applicants must have a BA, BS, or BFA degree in the fields of computer art, graphic/communication design, video, photography, computer science, architecture or other related degrees in art, media, design or technology.

Self-motivated work, the ability to research complex technical issues independently, excellent written communication skills, and a commitment to pursuing highly original and critical perspectives related to digital media are crucial to the successful admission to the program.

Applications from students who do not hold traditional studio arts degrees but who have industry or other media arts experience will be considered. Such students must demonstrate an active interest in developing an artistic practice and the potential to reach a professional level. Entering students should have a solid grounding in art history, studio art, and capability with computer-based artist tools.

Students lacking in any of these areas may be required to first complete undergraduate courses in order to make up the deficiency.