[DIAP] Digital and Studio Facilities

[DIAP] students’ collaborative studios
Matriculated students in the DIAP MFA Program are granted access to the collaborative studio with individual workspace for 4 semesters. Graduate students who take longer than 4 semesters to complete their program have access to the studio space but might have to work on a communal table for the additional time. Through the support of the Conner fund, each accepted DIAP student is receiving a scholarship in the form of a laptop, currently a Macbook Pro. This laptop will become property of the student after successful graduation from the program and the payment of a minimal symbolic fee.

[DIAP] equipment
Students in the DIAP MFA Program have access to video projectors, VR systems, 3D desktop printers and scanner, a laser cutter, B/W laser printer, color laser printer, tabloid scanner and Epson 3880 inkjet printers. For checkout there are various Video cameras, DSLR cameras, Sound recording devices, a sound system, Kinect devices, web cameras, projectors, monitors, Wacom tablets, tripods and more available.

The [DIAP] Studio layout
Every student has an individual workspace inside the large open [DIAP] Studio which also houses a blackbox, a dedicated space for installations, a presentation/projection wall, a small “sound booth” and the digital fabrication lab. Students in the program have 24hr access to the Studio and its facilities.

Digital Output Center
[DIAP] MFA students have access to the Digital Output Center. This center provides print facilities and services for archival large-format output and color letter/tabloid prints. High-resolution film and flatbed scanning will also be available. The Center also provides check-out equipment [still and video cameras].

Electronic Design and Multimedia Program Facilites
The [DIAP] MFA students have access to other Electronic Design and Multimedia BFA program facilities as needed.

Students may be given access to other College facilities through collaborative projects with the Sonic Arts Program,  Media Communications Arts, Theater, Architecture, Biology, Robotics or others.

General Art Department Facilities

A Ceramics glaze formulation studio, a kiln room and a small plaster studio.


A large group black/white darkroom, a color darkroom and processing lab, private dark-rooms and a mounting/finishing area. Equipment includes Beseler and Omega enlargers, a Colenta color processor, Cambo view cameras, Mamiya medium format cameras, and Speedotron studio flash systems. A newly developed digital photo lab is in progress. The David and Lenore Levy Collection of Photography is available for student and faculty study.


A Printmaking studio equipped with a Charles Brand Etching and Lithography press, an English Etching Press, a large format One-Arm Squeegee Silk-screen Table and Flip-top exposure Unit. Computers are available for digital design and output onto large-scale film.


A sculpture studio occupying two adjoining rooms. One half contains a wood working shop with major tools such as table saw, jointer, band saws, sanding machines, routers, drill presses, various hand tools, power tools and worktables.

The second half houses a small welding area with welding booths, MIG welders and plasma cutters as well as a portable and wall mounted exhaust systems. This room also has various metal work equipment, band saws hand tools, and power tools as well as workspace.