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Spring 2020 Thesis presentations: Marielis Garcia

This new performance is especially poignant in these times as I am a.) trying to understand performance, even if I can’t share a space with my audience, b.) looking at the fragility of presence via digital capture and c.) embracing the beautiful and harrowing stuckness we are all experiencing.

here, then & now originally set out to describe how traditional documentation both illuminates and limits performative works. Through the process of creation, two fundamental questions emerged: what is a digital dance performance and can it invite a sense of kinesthetic awareness in its viewers? This work aims to explore the complexities of performance, attempts to document a happening and it’s inevitable unrepeatable-ness, and also asks the question: where does the artwork exist?

Please join me next week, if you can.

I am experiencing sadness, empathetic compassion for many loved ones and finding joy in the smallest of pleasures; I hope you are finding peace, support and inspiration.
With Love!

May 6th, at 7pm
Please arrive at for the live performance.

Thesis show poster Marielis Garcia