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Mark Dorf – Visiting Artist lecture 12/09/21

Thursday, Dec. 9, 2021 at 10am, artist presentation by Mark Dorf

The talk will be held via Zoom, please RSVP at for Zoom link information.
Mark Dorf  is a New York based artist whose practice utilizes photography, video, digital media, and sculpture. During the presentation Mark will talk about “Contours,” and how he transitioned from sculptural/object works to multidisciplinary works and video and discuss his most recent work: “A New Nature,” a visual and aural considerations about the future of what Western culture refers to as Nature. The future depicted here is not one steeped in doom and gloom as Hollywood so often does, and nor is it that of utopian perfection: it is one both cautionary and celebratory depicting no return to a pastoral and bucolic Mother Earth, but rather a world augmented with technology for both better and worse. A world full of mystery that lies around every corner. A strange future that is inhabited by beautiful and abject hybrid planetary systems of technology-organisms.