Special Spring 2022 DIAP MFA courses

For those within the DIAP MFA and for those outside of it, here are the two special topic classes offered for spring 2022. These can be taken by anyone from CUNY.

B2012, Workshop, Thursday evening 6:15pm-9:05pm

Instructor: LaJuné Mcmillian

Workshop Title:  “Transforming Digital Spaces”

In this workshop we will use tools such as Makehuman, Maya, and Unreal for Character building, Animation, and 3d world creation.

In the past few years, access to motion capture data, 3D base models, and software to “make an animation of yourself” has skyrocketed. From MakeHuman to Mixamo to CMU’s motion capture database, the ability to make and finish polished projects has become easier for many. While these resources are extremely helpful to create a range of projects, they lack the tools to create diverse characters and movements unexplored by systems that center assumptions of neutrality.

This class will explore issues of cultural representation and exploitation through readings, discussions, and will give an introduction to character creation, animation, and coding 3D environments using tools such as Mixamo, Makehuman, Maya, and Unreal for Character building, Animation and 3D world creation.

B2051 Workshop, Friday mornings 9:00am – 11:50am

Instructor: Stalgia Grigg

Workshop Title: “Connected”

This course examines network protocols as evolving technosocial objects. We will approach this topic through a combination of technical tutorials, readings, and seminar-style discussions. Technical tutorials will span WebXR, Web3, Socket.IO, Ethereum Smart Contracts, Tensorflow.js, and other relevant areas. We will use biweekly readings by authors such as Alexander Galloway, McKenzie Wark, Wendy Chun, Reza Negarestani, and others as starting points for discussion on topics such as network pessimism, control protocols, digital colonialism, cybernetics, and more. This course has flexible expectations for outside work and is designed with a full understanding that many of you will be working on large projects as part of First-year Projects or Thesis. Assignments will take the form of sketches and short written analysis.

Feel free to reach out to with any questions.