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Poster for DIAP MFA exhibition

Please join us for the annual exhibition of works by current graduate students in the Digital & Interdisciplinary Art Practice MFA Program.
The exhibition is on view from December 4th – December 18th 2023 at the Gallery of the Art Department of the City College of New York, located in Compton Goethals. To enter please use the entrance on Amsterdam Ave, corner 140th Street
Opening reception: December 7th 6pm – 9pm with performances by Lola Libre and Dainty Funk
7:30 PM performance by LOLA LIBRE
8:00 PM performance by Dainty Funk
Blue Dark and In the Shape of Me

Lola Libre, BUYME 2023A woman holding up a sign with a QR code and the text: "available for purchase"
Lola Libre, BUYME 2023
a portrait of a person with red lipstick in front of a lilac gradient background
Dainty Funk, Blue Dark and In the Shape of Me 2023






The gallery is open Mon – Fri 10am – 6pm
with works by:

Wenjun Chen
Robert Duarte Rivera
Dainty Funk
Lola Libre
Fatima Sabeekah

The works by the five artists in the exhibition synapse.body share an interest in exploring the term body in its literal, metaphorical, abstracted and lived form. 

In the case of Wenjun Chen the data produced by his physical body is giving form and shape to  a hybrid installation. Tiffany Zorilla’s work BUYME is a public performance/installation piece that involves both the micro/macro relationship street harassment perpetuates in the public sector. The effects of street harassment change how people interact with cities, altering how they experience the city and their perception of self. Robert Duarte’s sculpture and paintings evoke  themes of surveillance, language, & borders/territoriality, – mechanisms deployed to control body movements. He has been exploring the ways in which the gaze of surveillance is mimetic to the male gaze and reflective of relationships of power rather than relationships of care, and how that emphasis informs our use of space and the possibilities we consider for it. Maud Acheampong’s series Blue Dark and in the Shape of Me is a collection of self portraits that explore grief and monstrosity —snapshots of a body in pieces, like a monster. Fatima Sabeekah’s  افسوس’ is a video  installation involving  a performance navigating the emotional landscape of Loss. Expanding from the Post-Covid world of catastrophes to the current situation of war and terror around the world she  looks at how Grief leaves a void in our life, which we might be unable to fully recover from.