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12/10 Atif Akin: Research Driven Design in the Context of Contemporary Art and Data Driven Boredom

December 10th 2014 @ 12:15PM, DIAP Studio, Shepard Hall room 408

Research Driven Design  in the Context of Contemporary Art and Data Driven Boredom
Atif Akin’s work is the outcome of scientific and political research processes, as well as literary surveys and field trips. Along photographic documentation, typologies and video production, visual display of quantitative information plays an important role, both at the research and presentation stages of his works. Very often, Data Visualization has become the sole content of the work in order to create meaning stripped of cultural connotations.

Departing from some of his design practice and research driven artwork, he will speak about scientific or social research methods in the digital realm and debate the art value in abstract and generative aesthetics of data culture in comparison to that of early color photography .

Atif Akin (1979, Turkey) is an artist, curator, lecturer and designer. He contributed to many online and offline group shows and took part in international collective projects in the field of contemporary art and politics.

In 2009 he curated the media art exhibition: Uncharted: User Frames in Media Arts and edited a book by the same name. He curated shows commissioned by  the Goethe Institute, KHM, University of Liege, ZKM and Ars Electronica.
Currently he is working on Mutant Space, a large scope research driven art/design project on radioactivity and nuclear power production.
He is a Professor of Design at Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University.