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May 5th – May 14th DIAP Thesis Projects 2016

May 5th 2016 – May 12 2016

krisia_murmurs Nonnative: Murmurs of Dissent exhibition featuring works and research material by Krisia Ayala.

Panel Discussion on May 5 at 2 pm.
During this event we will illustrate the particular case of the avian species The Common Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) and how their story relates to current relocation challenges.

The official panelists will be András Kiséry (CCNY Associate Professor/English), Dennis Hrehowsik (Board of Trustees of the Brooklyn Bird Club) and  Burçin Ayebe (DIAP Colleague).


May 3rd, 5th & 8th 2016,  8:30 – 11pm

ACROSS AN EMPTY LOT  a temporary memorial empty_lot

by Sarah Cameron Sunde

with the neighborhood






May 9th & May 11th (Monday May 9th 6-8pm & Wednesday May 11th 5-6pm)

Void Draw is a performance-based installation by Saori Tahara that expresses the users feelings through a drawing robot using an EEG brain headset.

May 12th & May 13th


a study in digital set design based on pioneer migrations in America, focusing on women who settled the prairies and western regions of the United States.

May 12th Noon-6pm & May 13th 5:00pm – 10:00pm







SEARRASEARRA, by Searra Sasawan

SEARRASEARRA, known as a 25-year-old marble girl, marbleizes everything she owns. The marble girl is an outgoing girl who has a natural sense of humor. She thinks she is a celebrity, and she tries to review all the products that she buys to show how good the products are in a humorous way; and yet, all the products turn to marble as soon as she purchases them.






Glitch by Zoe Berger

zoe_glitchWelcome Scratchers!
This is the intro lecture in the Glitch Programming Course held at the Mt Vernon Public Library, March 21-25, 2016.

Glitch explores the existing structures of public education and its systems of evaluation. Enacted as a one-week computer programming workshop at the elementary school level and a website presentation of that event, Glitch experiments with education- as-art-form on many levels through the design, administration, teaching, and evaluation of a class.