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12/06/18 Diann Bauer – Artist Talk

The talk is is scheduled for 12:15PM on Thursday 12/06/18 in the DIAP Studio, Shepard Hall room 408/

Diann Bauer is an artist and writer based in London. Much of her current work is collaborative and interdisciplinary. Ongoing projects include: Laboria Cuboniks (
A working group redefining a feminism adequate to a global 21st century with whom she wrote and published Xenofeminism, A Politics for Alienation in 2015. It has now been translated into 10 languages. Recently they have participated in a collaborative project with H.A.U.S. (robotics lab, TU,Vienna) towards a performative event call Vermögen-The Future of Demonstration.

She has written for publications including Harvard Design Magazine and Angelaki, Journal of the Theoretical Humanities. She will be a guest artist at CERN and is currently working towards an exhibition with Arts at CERN that will open at FACT in Liverpool in 2018, traveling on to Barcelona, Nantes, Brussels and CERN.