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10/25/2018 – Adriana N. Knouf, Artist talk

Thursday, October 25th at 12:15PM the artist Adriana N. Knouf will come for a public lecture to speak about her fascinating work. Location: The DIAP MFA Studio, SH 408. The title of her lecture is: The Xenology Notebooks
Xenology is the study of the strange, the alien, the unfamiliar. In a time of rampant xenophobia, it behooves us to consider how various processes of making strangemight themselves foster disalienation from our alienated existence. Referring to her own artworks, those of fellow artists, and theoretical currents, she will suggest the importance of the xeno in our contemporary moment.
Bio: N. Adriana Knouf is an Assistant Professor of Cinema and Media Studies at Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA. She is a media scholar and artist researching noise, interferences, boundaries, and limits in media technologies and communication. Her current research project, The Xenology Notebooks, explores practices of “making strange”in terrestrial and extraterrestrial media. This includes new performance works for humans, drones, satellites, and radio transmission. She is also the author of How Noise Matters to Finance (2016) and numerous scholarly articles about such varied topics as surveillance, networking, papermaking, radio, satellites, and video games and feminism.
Adriana N. Knouf